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Hey guys.

Nishkarsh Sharma here with Srijan Bhardwaj.

Be sure to read every word on this page if you want to hit $10K/mo online with eCom.

Last April I started my first eCom store with my partner and Srijan. Our goal was to hit $10K/mo in net profit.

But even after spending weeks, testing over a hundred products and burning over a couple of thousand dollars in ads, we couldn't succeed.

After spending a lot of time, effort and money, we finally found a proven process that not only made us money, but it also made our friends, students and clients money too...

Here's what so great. When I was developing this system for people who are doing Ecom/Shopify to achieve those $5K and $10K months, once and for all I realised that there was a proven process that worked, in fact a recipe, just like baking a cake. And if you miss any of the steps, then the cake is a mess.

That is why every time we used this process, we made thousands of dollars in net profit.


But what got us even more excited was seeing the simple and lucrative business model. This is such an easy yet, powerful system that it kind of boggled my mind.

And on the top of that, my system and process was working for everyone who was laying their hands on it.

And that's where it gets really interesting for YOU:

You see I started this out by myself and later roped in my partner Srijan in this business with me. And while I was doing this, I'd a crazy idea...

"What if I just teach him the entire system?" I was talking about product research, targeting strategies and scaling methods.

Long story short, I set up Srijan with this proven business model, gave him some simple instructions for operations and maintenance, and that was about it.

What do you think happened?

He started making money too, that's what happened!

Within his first 15 days, Srijan had found his first winner too. Within less than a month, he had scaled it to $50K+ in sales.

This is when I got super excited, wanting to set 30 lucky people up with the same proven business model, and world class support.

And that's exactly what we did back since last couple of months. We worked with a few coaching clients and also helped people in our FB Group. Here are just SOME of the EARLY results from our group:


Our scaling strategies have helped Stefan hit consistent $5K+ days


Shane used our scaling strategies to hit $1.5K days consistently within the first 3 weeks of his eCom journey


Rahul already had an eCom store but was struggling to get sales and make profit. He applied our exact strategies and have crossed $200K with huge profit margins.


We shared an insider strategy with our group member Krishna and he's grossed almost $5K in just 6 days with it.


...This leaves me with one question:

Would YOU like to be the next person to be given access to our Ecom Success Beta Program, so you can start having these results yourself?




This is the system I would use if I had to start from scratch and needed to make money NOW. It's that powerful!!

Because not only it works for people who already know eCom; It also works for brand spanking newbies and CONSISTENTLY delivers results like these:

Eddy got his first sale on POD Jewellery applying our targeting strategy.


Within 3 weeks of starting his stores, Prateek had got his first couple of sales.


Krishna applied our Kangaroo scaling strategy and started getting sales with it.


Nattasit used our POD strategies and within first 24 hours had got his first couple of sales.


Lee had spent months testing different techniques that did not work before he came to us. Within the first couple of days, he was hitting consistent $100 days.


Using our strategies, Sandeep got his first sale on the very first day of launching his store.


Jennifer did some "lazy testing" and got her first sale on her third day of launching the store.


What is so great about this is that you do NOT have to wait for months to see profits...like most other courses out there.

Let us help you build your business, give it a few days, and prepare to be pleasantly surprised at how much money can be pouring into your PayPal.


Stefan was trying eCom since December but couldn't make it work. After he started using our methods, he had his first profitable month in a long time.


Deb didn't have a FB account, forget about knowing much about eCom. But within first two weeks of applying what we taught, she was hitting consistent $200+ days


Paul applied our strategies on his AliExpress store and he started hitting multiple $200+ days right off the bat.


Getting Excited Yet?

OK so you already know we're going to help you get started and do everything with you, but  what is "in the box" - what all are we going to teach you and share with you?


Here’s a sneak peek of exactly what’s inside:


  • Setup And Introduction - (VALUE: $997)
  • How to get started in eCom the right way, without spending hours trying to put every piece of the puzzle together
  • The daily practices that all 7 figure per year eCom entrepreneurs are following, and you should follow too
  • How to setup a store the right way to get maximum conversions and make massive profits
  • The 9 common mistakes that are a conversion killer for your store (Hint: This isn’t the part of the plan for any eCom entrepreneur but should be)
  • Research And Launching Ads - (VALUE: $997)
  • The exact process that we’re following to find out high potential and high commercial intent designs that are making us a ton of money, every time
  • Understanding the design psychology and getting into the heads of your target audience
  • The one strategy that is a Must to have even before you run your ads (This has become critically important after FB has been banning ad accounts left, right and centre)
  • The 3 targeting strategies that are working in 2018 (If you implement them right then you’re already ahead of 95% eCom entrepreneurs)


  • Scaling - (VALUE: $997)
  • The exact scaling method that we have been using again and again to rapidly scale to 5 figure days (You don’t need to wait a week to do this)
  • How to do manual bidding the right way to get high quality traffic at dirt cheap price
  • The Flash scaling strategy that can potentially skyrocket your scales and stuff your pocket with cold hard cash (Not doing this is like leaving 50% money on the table)
  • How we are reviving and scaling our “dead” designs to add multiple five figures a month to our bottomline (Forget everything that you know about reviving the dead, just do this instead and watch what happens)
  • Upsells And Funnels - (VALUE: $997)
  • How to upsell properly and increase your AOV by 10-25% (This literally takes a couple of hours to setup and pays you day in, day out)
  • Based on our own case studies and research, we present to you the exact techniques to setup your funnels correctly and start profiting almost immediately
  • How to become a master troubleshooter and identify what’s working, what’s not working and how to fix things fast in your eCom business
  • Evolution - (VALUE: $997)
  • The full house method to deploy on your store and recover the abandoned carts and get new customers (We reveal the exact templates that we have used)
  • Battle tested, proven and newbie friendly ways to setup your lead capture campaigns and turn those leads into customers
  • One teeny tiny trick that we have been using to get customers spend more and increase our AOV (This is a win-win situation for everyone and our customers love it too)
  • How to create and setup a 24*7 bot and assign it’s botly duties that not only saves you time but also keeps your customers happy


  • Building An A Star Team - (VALUE: $497)
  • How to hire a team of A Star players, where to find them and how to make sure that they stick with you (Nobody has been able to scale to multiple 7 figures a year without doing this)
  • The simple project management structure and strategy that takes off 90% load from you and gives you more time to expand your business
  • The 4 pillars that constitute an A Star Team and makes you more money (You do this wrong and you can say bye bye to automation and scaling your business massively)
  • How to analyse and assess risk regularly and minimise it wherever needed
  • Email Marketing And Automation - (VALUE: $997)
  • Revealed: The exact automation sequences that we've used to pull over $100,000+ in sales in last few months with 0 ad spent and just a few hours of a work (95% people are only using 2 out of the 6-8 sequences that we use
  • Battle tested, proven email blasts that are going to stuff cold hard cash in your pocket whether you like it or not
  • The quick fire shortcut strategy that we've been using every day while sending our emailers to ensure best practices and best results (Gurus don’t talk about it because they don’t want you to profit from this)
  • How to segment and when to segment your list effectively to get more profits and increase your AOV (Average Order Value) and LTCV (Lifetime Customer Value)
  • The girlfriend technique that we've been silently using to spice up our relationship with our customers and always keep them on their toes expecting for more (You can even use this technique to keep your girlfriend happy; if she’s not)
  • Over 10 different types of emails that we've been using month in and month out to run successful sales campaigns that have generated over $150,000 in sales in last few months


  • Conversion And Optimisation - (VALUE: $497)
  • The very first step that over 90% of eCom entrepreneurs and store owners miss out and completely fail as a result (This is so easy and simple and you would be probably knowing this but nobody ever realises it and it's the foundation of us adding at least $200,000+ in sales in the last 10 months alone)
  • How we're leveraging simple yet powerful funnels that are instantly increasing our AOV (Average Order Value) by 15-20% without spending any extra money on ads
  • A mind numbingly easy tactic that takes only a few minutes of setup and almost instantly starts generating sales for you on autopilot (We'd been missing on this for the first 6 months of our eCom journey and have probably lost over an easy $60,000-$80,000 in sales)
  • The 8 important words that are massively overlooked but can instantly boost your site conversions and profits by 10% or more
  • The Tripod Method that we've been using every day, on 100% complete autopilot that has almost doubled our revenue in the last 2 quarters (Hint: It's not what you think and the big guys are silently milking their cash cows with this simple method)
  • Branding Like A Pro - (VALUE: $997)
  • How to brand your site in 5 simple steps so it instantly establishes trust and gains you an unfair edge over the competition
  • A widely known but little used ingenious method that'll put you a step ahead of your competitors and help you add another 2-3% in additional sales (The best part? This method only takes 30-40 minutes a day)
  • How to provide the best customer support, turn angry customers into raving fans and create brand ambassadors that not only fight for you but also bring you in a ton of referral sales and leave amazing and excellent reviews
  • Our closely guarded strategy that only takes about an hour to set up but always brings in supper happy and stoked customers (Along with a few thousand dollars in sales)
  • How to set up your brand and create a basic framework that instantly takes you out from the Dropshipping Squad
  • How to provide a voice to your brand and make sure that your customers can connect with it (If you do this right, you will have advocates instead of customers)
  • The important assets that your brand should have to add credibility and build trust
  • How to actually build a brand that you can flip anytime for 1-4x your net profit (Following this exact strategy, one of our brands was valued at over $400k)
  • Understanding Analytics - (VALUE: $997)
  • How to learn analytics and use them in your favour to gain new insights into your business and get more orders
  • One profit killing mistake that is depriving eCom entrepreneurs of at leat $5,000 in net profit a month and how to avoid that (If you do this right, there’s no way that you will not get 400-800% or more ROI)
  • The exact place to find the money producing interests and products that your customers want and you can use to bank heavily
  • How to understand your customers demographics and psychographics to reduce your ad costs by at least 10% and increase your profits by at least 20%


  • We'll personally answer each and every single question of yours to make sure that you get the best possible support
  • You get access to us once a week where you hop on a call with us and the other members of the group and we take a look at your business and help you succeed
  • These Group Coaching Calls are of incredible value as many a times you might forget something to ask but you will see others asking that question


  • Our high converting theme that we've been using to get double digit conversions on our store
  • DFY FB Ads targeting where we've literally put together the targeting that we use for each and every niche
  • DFY abandoned cart templates - SMS, Messenger and Email that we use to recover $30-$50K in sales every month
  • DFY email swipes, templates and sequences - The exact emails that we use as well as some of the best promos that we've studied over time
  • DFY Customer support templates that we use to have a refund rate of less than 0.5% on our store
  • DFY Massive email promo swipe file - We've carefully observed and studied some of the best email promos of all time and put them together


  • We personally review your store and do a thorough audit to identify what can improve conversions
  • You get a detailed report custom to your store with key highlight of what you've done right and what you can do right
  • Our own stores covert at 10-12% so we do know a thing or two about conversions
  • After carefully examining hundreds of stores we know what converts and what does not and we share these golden nuggets with you


  • We're offering 10 High Quality Designs To First 5 Beta Testers
  • These designs are exclusive and are of extremely high quality that you'll usually get for $30-40 a piece
  • We've been using such designs to hit multiple 5 and 6 figures in sales


  • This is a time sensitive bonus for the first 10 Beta Testers
  • The 10 Beta Testers get a "1 to 1 Coaching Call" with us where we'll customise the plan of action and lay out a clear roadmap
  • Our coaching students pay us $1,000 for one such call but for the first 10 Beta Testers, it's completely free
  • This is a limited time bonus and we cannot accommodate more than 10 people in our calendar


  • We've a dedicated support and accountability manager
  • He'll be in regular touch with you, track your progress, follow up with you to make sure you stay productive
  • And he'll kick your ass too in case you're not working or showing up on calls

And let's not forget that you get 4 weeks of LIVE power sessions, to make sure you become a $10k/month success story, and to answer all your questions.

If you have questions in between sessions, no prob! That's why we offer unlimited email support.


Now Let’s Do Some Math On
How Much Money You Can Make


Let's say you go for it and become of of the lucky 30 Beta Testers who gets to take part in "Ecom Success Beta Program".

And let’s say you make a CONSERVATIVE 1,000 sales (30 sales daily) in your first month.

With our entire Ecom Success Beta Program and us helping and coaching you to set up your eCom business, you’ll be able to make an easy 1,000 sales if you’re not even trying...

You've seen our and our student's screenshots. A majority of our sales are over $24-25 each. Let's stay conservative and say each sale is just $25.

And it will be EASY because, again, WE are helping you build your business and teach you everything.

Those numbers mean that the $497 investment you’re about to make can easily be covered with one winner. They also mean around $4k a month in income.

A huge opportunity is staring you in the face right now. Chances like these don't come around often, and considering how much time and resources we will be putting into our exclusive 30, we may never do this again.

Also, if you’re worried that you don’t know HOW to make sales in eCom we're talking about…remember that we show you EVERYTHING. Then we cover you for 4 weeks in a row with power sessions and email support to make sure we leave no stone unturned.

With Ecom Success Beta Program,  you don’t have to try and reinvent the wheel. The plan has already been laid out for you.

And there are no surprises (OTOs or upsells) on the other side. This is it. Because it's all you'll ever need go duplicate our success and become a success story yourself.

If you decide to put this off, chances are you'll continue to be lost, still jumping from product to product, wasting more money and not seeing any results. Don't let that be you anymore. Join us, and let us help you change your financial future forever.


Once 30 people are in, the buy buttons will be removed.

We're not doing this to put pressure on you, we are doing it because with the amount of hours we will be investing in each and every one of you, we simply don't have the time to take on any more than that.

And we are extremely confident you will love this unique system and make a TON of money with it. See YOU on the inside!


Is there a refund policy? Because we are going to coach and mentor you and help you build your business, we are actually investing a good chunk of our time in your business. For this reason we don't have a refund policy, as we would lose a lot of time if we'd do it. We are all in here together, to make it work for you!


PS: There are NO OTOS or upsells on the other side. Nor are there ANY hidden recurring fees. Just $497 (one time fee) gets you everything, with LIFETIME access!